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The term 'training and development' has become a buzz word in recent times due to its many uses. Training and Development involve enhancing the performance of the people and companies within them and improving the overall efficiency of the organization.


The concept of training and development has now spread into various business sectors and can be used for any business. It is often misunderstood and is not applied properly in the business world. Here are some important aspects that can help you decide whether you are doing something good or wrong with training and development.


There is nothing wrong in training employees in order to improve their productivity and thereby enhance your sales. But this should not be done by the company, as this can cause a lot of conflict within the organization. A good training plan should include various aspects of training to ensure that it does not have any negative impact on the employees. A good training plan will also include several levels of training so that the employees do not get bored with their work and are always learning new things.


Another important aspect that is often overlooked in training plans is the way the training is done. For example, the company may have used a DVD to teach its employees how to use certain software programs. In this case, the employee would not be able to understand the content properly. This is because the training would be done in such a way that the employee can easily follow the instructions provided on the DVD. This ensures that they do not lose interest in the subject and start to doubt the accuracy of the information.


Another problem arises when the company fails to update its training plans frequently enough. When an employee is given an updated training plan, he would know what to expect next. He would then know what the company expects from him and how he can contribute towards the development of the company's mission and vision. A proper training plan will help keep the employees motivated and excited about what they are expected to do.


Another problem arises when the training plans are too rigid. It is only after the employee has been trained in the same way every time that he is expected to do something differently. This is not ideal for any employee. Instead of training him every time he is asked to perform a particular task, it is better to give him the freedom to learn new things. so that he can perform his tasks as per the company's specific needs.


Training also has to be flexible and customizable to suit the needs of the person who is being trained. Flexibility means making training plans that suit the individual. personality and learning style of the employee. A good training plan will therefore need to make sure that it offers different kinds of training to all the employees so that they can learn new things.


It also needs to include tools and resources that are in sync with the company's needs and goals. It is advisable to make use of seminars or conferences where the trainee can interact with the leaders and managers of the organization and gain more insights into the organization. This will help them stay abreast with the organization's policies and work styles. By doing so, they will be able to understand the goals and mission clearly and make sure that they are working in harmony.


The success of the training plan depends upon how well the trainee implements it. The company has to make sure that the program is implemented effectively by assigning people who have been trained and are properly trained to do so.


Trainees should be encouraged to bring their ideas to the table so that they can share it with the rest of the team members. The results of the discussion should be made public and the best ideas should be given priority. They should also be offered a chance to share their experiences in a team meeting so that they can provide feedback on the performance of their colleagues. so that all members of the team are able to improve.


When these elements are incorporated in a successful development plan, it is assured that the entire staff will be able to deliver what is expected of them. and improve the quality of the development process as a whole.



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  • Gallup estimated that employee replacement costs can be 150% of the worker's annual salary, or more. (
  • The development plan itself needs to incorporate various stages for effective tracking, that analyses the before, during, and after.25 Gallup estimated that employee replacement costs can be 150% of the workers annual salary, or more. (
According to Psychology Today, approximately 25% of people report experiencing a fear of public speaking. (
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